Warm Flow - This fun and energizing class blends music and movement to create a strong yoga practice with time to explore arm balances, deep stretches and inversions. Designed for the student who has some yoga experience.

Recovery (*affectionately known as Broga)- Slower paced, longer holds and basic strong yoga poses. Great for Beginners!

Yoga Flow - The best of everything yoga in one. The perfect balance of Soft and Strong.  Open to all levels.

$5 Weekend/Community Yoga - Build your yoga practice from the basics up in this multi level class perfect for everyone. Open to all levels.

WOD Recovery - Designed for the athlete with a high training workload, and anyone looking to open and restore muscular and mental balance in the body.  This class is designed to strengthen joints for more power while increasing mobility and flexibility. Open to all levels.

Cardio Abs&Butt - Cardio sculpting  class designed to strengthen and tone legs, glutes and core. Incorporates, barre, bodyweight training, light dumbells, bands and more.  A weekly Favorite! Open to all levels.


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